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Turn your recipes into

meal plans that sell!

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Monetize your recipes

Easily sell meal plans to your followers! Simply combine recipes into weekly dinner plans and let MealVista transform it into an experience your followers want to buy.

But, it's about more than money.

By increasing access to meal plans and making them easier to use, we'll help improve America's diet!

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How Selling Works:


Create a meal plan in any format 

Simply curate a set of recipes that work well together. Great plans optimize a grocery list and prep and target a specific diet, lifestyle, or ability to cook.


MealVista converts your plan into a digital experience

Our white-labeled mobile and desktop friendly plan portal beautifully displays your plan and allows you to interact directly with your readers in an integrated Facebook group.

Users can download pdfs, access recipes on the blogger's site, manage a shopping list, and use Peapod for grocery delivery/pickup.


Work with MealVista to sell your plan

We'll help you introduce your plan(s) to followers and then simply send you a check for the plans they buy! 

Let us generate a sample plan with your recipes!

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