General Questions About the Plans

Why will a dinner plan save you money?

A dinner plan helps:
• MealVista plans compare local prices for the items you need.
• Minimize impulse purchases.
• Bypass marketing that attempts to make you buy thing you don’t need.
• Reduce ordering out because you don’t have another alterative.

Why is dinner planning healthy?

Dinner plans are healthy because they help you avoid:
• Impulse purchases
• Binge eating
• Processed food

MealVista Vs. Meal Kits (like Blue Apron)?

Key differences:
• LOWER COST: You get groceries like you normally get groceries or use delivery via Peapod (coming soon). This means you don’t pay for individually wrapped ingredients, excess labor and the cooled delivery boxes.
• LOCAL GROCERIES: As you can manually shopping you list, you can take advantage of local grocery deals, farmers markets and local options.
• INDEPENDENT PLANS: Our dinner plans are created independently by people like you and approved by dietitians.

Why aren’t the dinner plans and recipes free?

Our planners deserve to get paid for helping create dinner plans and making your week easier!

Does my plan come with groceries?

We do not force you to get you groceries in a specific way. This gives you more flexibility and keeps your grocery cost down.

What if I can’t prepare one of the dinners during the week?

Nothing, just use the groceries purchased another night for another dinner. You can even ask the community in the the Facebook group for ideas about what to do.

How much will my groceries cost?

Your groceries will cost the same or less than you usually pay because your plan and shopping list will help you avoid impulse purchased and waste.

Who creates the dinner plans?

Like Uber, AirBnB, and our plans are created independently by people like you. This means plans are more diverse and you are more likely you find something that fits your unique needs.

Questions About Dinner Plans and Health

Why is dinner planning healthy?

Dinner plans are healthy because they help you avoid:
• Impulse purchases
• Binge eating
• Processed food

What is a Register Dietitian (RD)?

A RD is a nutrition expert that has a 4 year degree in human nutrition science, completed a 1 year apprenticeship and is licensed to give nutrition advice by a state government.

Are all plans for sale on MealVista healthy?

All plans on MealVista are healthier than a diet that includes dinners full of processed ingredients, eating based on impulse and eating out last minute.

What does “Dietitian Approved” mean?

This means a Registered Dietitian (RD) has reviewed a plan’s claims to accommodate health conditions or provide stated health benefits. The RD ensures the recipes match the claim and the claim is backed by nutrition science.
For example, a RD would not approve a diet that cures Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue because and dietary connection has not been proven YET. HOWEVER, this does not mean diet cannot be used to treat these types of conditions. Often scientific studies occur after people start experiencing benefits from a diet and this information hits social media. Nonetheless, consulting with a RD can help determine if a diet change could help you get healthier and

How do you calculate Nutrition Facts?

We use nutritional data from the USDA. With USDA estimates of ingredients’ average nutrition content when raw, we compute nutrition facts for each recipe based on ingredient quantities specified in each recipe.

How do you accommodate allergies and intolerances?

We accommodate allergies and intolerances in 2 ways:
• Allergy specific dinner plans are either created by people with the allergy or a Registered Dietitian.
• MealVista systematically scans each plan for ingredients inappropriate for various allergies.

Questions About Being Planner

How do I get paid?

MealVista Planners will receive 70% of the revenue from selling their plans.

For example, if a plan sells for $5, the planner would get $3.50. Selling 100 plans at $5 each means the planner takes home $350!

How do I set the price for my plan?

MealVista recommends $5 per week based on its market research and tangible value a plan adds to family’s life. However, as the planner you can override this recommendation and set any price you wish.

Do I need credentials to be a planner?

There are no minimum credentials, but your profile will be a factor that people consider when deciding to buy a plan from you. If you’d like to add credentials to your plan, you can partner with a Dietitian and they will review and rate your plan. This will add credentials and expertise to your plan.

What are the minimum requirements for a plan?

You must include at least 5 dinner recommendations/recipes in your plan and 3 substitute meals. Other than that how you design your plan is up to you!

How many days/weeks does a plan cover?

A typical plan covers 1 week, BUT you can plan for different durations. If you have a month long planning cycle, feel free to list it!